Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big John Cornyn

For those of you wonder what it's really like to live in Texas, check out this honest-to-god ad for our incumbent U.S. Senator. Now try to imagine living some place where someone who gets paid to do this kind of stuff honestly thinks that this will help Cornyn get re-elected. Got that? OK, now . . . a little bigger stretch . . . imagine that you're living in a place where this ad really will help Cornyn get elected.


kateg said...

"lesser states" cracked me up. Hah!

If I could go back in time I would totally have some suggestions for 6th grade me running for student council in Texas. I had a fringed leather miniskirt and vest, but I failed to put it to its proper political uses I think.

Fortunately in 7th grade I was the only candidate and my poor pandering skills were irrelevant.

David said...

speaking of 6th grade...around my elementary years in TX, the was a guy named Eugene Block (or Lock?)that ran for governor. as i recall, he was a millionaire political novice whose campaign consisted entirely of an infectious jingle played non stop on tv, radio. we used to ride our bikes around singing it and i still remember it.

i was shocked when he didn't even come close to winning

Texan By Chance said...

Eugene Locke, an Austin lawyer, ran for governor in 1968, using the deathless jingle:
"Eugene Locke should be governor of Texas.
The governor of Texas should be Eugene Locke!"
That was the entire content of his campaign!